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What Is Laser Cellulite Reduction?

Often showing up around the buttocks and on the back of the upper legs, cellulite creates pitted and uneven skin. While cellulite is harmless, we recognize how challenging it can feel to have it. At Adi MedSpa, we perform laser procedures using the Harmony XL PRO to reduce the manifestation of cellulite. Laser cellulite reduction flattens the skin surrounding the backside and thighs and provides a firmer body. If you suffer from cellulite concerns, we encourage you to contact Dr. Farooque Ahmed in El Paso, TX, and find out more about how this noninvasive treatment can help you.

Laser Cellulite Reduction FAQ

Who can get cellulite?

Cellulite is typically produced by a considerable development of adipose tissue beneath the skin. Several elements, such as your genes, body fat percentage, age, and skin density, will often affect just the degree of cellulite you have and how noticeable it is.

Is it possible for men to get cellulite?

Yes. Although cellulite is more common in women, men are not exempt from the effects of cellulite. But men generally have more robust connective tissue and little subdermal fat, which means it's less likely for them to end up with cellulite.

How long do I need to undergo treatments for laser cellulite reduction?

The number of sessions you undergo will be different, depending on the severity of cellulite, as well as the outcomes you'd like to see. In a few circumstances, additional treatments could be necessary. These are all details that will be further discussed while you are at your first consultation at Adi MedSpa in El Paso, TX.


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