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What Is Laser Vein and Lesion Treatment?

Typically located on the face and legs, spider veins are little, branching blood vessels that are visible through the skin. Caused by age, genetics, and other factors, spider veins may be purple, red, and blue, which makes them hard to mask. These veins usually multiply over time and lead to stronger visibility so it’s important to address them quickly. Using LP Nd: YAG 1064nm and Dye-VL PRO applicators for the Harmony XL PRO, Adi MedSpa performs nonsurgical laser vein and lesion treatment sessions in El Paso, TX. In your private consultation, Dr. Farooque Ahmed will develop a customized plan based on your needs and goals for your treatment.

Laser Vein and Lesion Treatment FAQ

How much does laser vein and lesion treatment cost?

A laser vein and lesion treatment is priced based on the number of areas being addressed and how many sessions are advised to achieve ideal results. In your initial consult, a member of our team will evaluate your veins or lesions and the location of where they are located to decide on your custom-tailored treatment outline for a cost estimate. Adi MedSpa takes numerous payment options.

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Should I get laser vein and lesion treatment or sclerotherapy?

Laser vein treatment and lesion reduction is suitable to address veins of all varieties and proportions. Based on your situation, laser vein and lesion treatment might work better than others according to what is being addressed. Laser therapy could work great for spider veins, but some patients could get better results from sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a medicine into the vein. Larger veins, such as varicose veins, typically work well with laser-based vein removal; however, if the vein or legion is large and bulging, surgery may be better. Our team will work with you to determine your ideal treatment method according to your unique concerns and goals.

Does the vein go away?

Laser-based vein treatments will address the vein using a gentle beam of energy that warms the vein and then obliterates it. The technology is extremely precise and is highly focused on only the target vein so it will not damage the surrounding areas of skin. When the vein collapses, it takes around 4 – 6 weeks for the vein to be flushed out of your system and fade away.

Where can laser vein and lesion treatment be used?

Unwanted spider veins can be found on the face, thighs, lower legs, and around your ankles. Anywhere a spider vein or other lesion exists, laser-based vein and lesion treatment can be a good reduction method. Our advanced laser system works with precision when treating a specific area so that the nearby tissue and skin remain unaffected.

Is laser vein and lesion treatment painful?

Prior to your session, we typically put on a numbing agent to help you remain at ease. The majority of people feel a tingling sensation as the laser targets the area. Most lasers on the market, including the one our practice uses, are equipped with a built-in fan that produces a cool-down sensation. This minimizes pain while also preventing the laser from getting too hot, as this can cause an injury or other harm to the skin tissue.

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