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What Is Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?a

Have you noticed changes to your toenails or fingernails, like a rough texture or a yellowish blotching pattern? It could be an indicator that nail fungus is present. Adi MedSpa is readily available to diagnose and treat nail fungus. Our medical team is excited to support your skin health with technologically advanced laser nail fungus procedures using Harmony XL PRO by Alma. Typically, professional care is necessary since the condition can be difficult to remove with topical ointments alone. If you're facing indications of a fungal illness, we invite you to contact our office in El Paso, TX to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farooque Ahmed.

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment FAQ

How many visits are required for laser nail fungus treatment?

Even though visible results are typically observed after only one treatment, the majority of patients will require 5 - 7 sessions to verify that the fungal disorder has been fully eliminated. These regular sessions are very short and will be placed on the calendar a number of weeks apart in order to ensure the maximum outcome.

Will my insurer include laser nail fungus procedures?

Given that this treatment is held to be an elective procedure, it will generally not be covered by your insurance. Still, laser nail fungus treatment is extremely promising for ridding your nails of difficult-to-remove fungus. Call Adi MedSpa in El Paso, TX today if you are in need of this procedure, and our staff can share specifics concerning financing alternatives to help you find a way around any impediment to your well-being.

What causes fungus to grow below the nails?

Fungus-like structures, or fungal organisms, are the basis of the issue of fungal nail diseases. If they can make a home beneath your fingernail or toenail, they begin to swiftly breed and expand. Common causes of nail fungus infections consist of getting cracked nails or wounds in the skin that surrounds the nail.

What will occur if fungal nail diseases are not adequately dealt with?

The sustained development of a nail fungal disorder will typically make it difficult to use your hands or feet, work out, and possibly perform mundane work, like using a keyboard. Additionally, your nails will start to become even more brittle as time goes on. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to improve the nails by receiving laser nail fungus procedures at the initial indicator of a problem.


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