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What Is Laser Melasma Treatment?

Many individuals deal with melasma at times in their lives, which occurs when irregular patches of dark skin show up on the face, neck, and forearms. These gray, tan, or brown spots normally develop symmetrically over the brow, nose, cheeks, upper lip, or chin. Melasma is found more frequently in women with darker skin tones and is thought to be due to sun damage or hormones, like those associated with menopause and pregnancy. Dr. Farooque Ahmed performs laser melasma treatment in El Paso, TX with the Harmony XL PRO laser from Alma. This advanced procedure works through powerful laser energy to help lessen the presence of hyperpigmentation resulting from melasma. Call Adi MedSpa to find out if laser melasma treatment can help refresh your skin tone and appearance!

Laser Melasma Treatment FAQ

What causes melasma?

As a prevalent skin concern, melasma can occur anytime throughout your life. It’s commonly thought to be the result of hormones, such as those that are experienced with pregnancy and birth control medications. Additional factors that are typically related to melasma include sun damage, stress, and familial history.

How does laser treatment for melasma work?

When utilizing the Harmony XL PRO laser system, your technician will focus a healing beam of light into darkly pigmented spots on the skin. The light will gently work to break down melanin (the substance that causes discoloration), which can be absorbed naturally by the body. Although these spots might become darker at first, they should fade after a week.

Can melasma come back after laser treatment?

While laser treatments can work to minimize the appearance of melasma, additional pigmented patches may develop in the future. Several sessions might be recommended to help prolong your results.

What is the cost of laser melasma treatment?

At Adi MedSpa, the price for laser melasma treatment is determined based on personal skin issues. We will develop a treatment plan to help fit your goals and discuss the convenient payment solutions taken at our practice in El Paso, TX.

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